Australian Billionaire Wants U.S. Immigration Solved

The old guy from ‘Nothing But Trouble’ wants the US to figure out it’s immigration issues.

Rupert Murdoch, overlord of all things ‘Fox’ (minus the motorcycle clothing company) spoke in Australia to a bunch of Foster-swillers and duck-billed tree climbing snake-stranglers and blew smoke about Australia being a beacon for something other than things that’ll kill you just for walking out your hotel door.

Seriously though, is it me or does anything in Australia that’s breathing have the capacity to kill you in some form or another?

I digress.


"Crikey. Chevy Chase crashed into me dingo farm!"

“Crikey. Chevy Chase crashed into me dingo farm!”

Ru-Mur (his hip-hop name) went on to say that reforming immigration would benefit both sides of the U.S. Political aisle.

 “I look at stalled immigration reform in the U.S., stalled by the intransigence of both Left and Right, and I see wasted opportunity for the country,”


When Rupert Murdoch says wasted opportunity, he means ‘potential Republican voters.’ And why not? He could grab them as they come across the border with blonde Fox News Reporters, give ’em a nice lunch and park ’em in front of the O’Reilly Factor for 5 hours.

They’ll be hating Obama, grabbing guns, stuffing chaw in the cheeks and screaming about the damn darkies stealing all our good strawberry picking jobs.

You know, like REAL ‘mericans!

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