Bill O’Reilly Wants Brian Williams Job

Or that’s the only logical conclusion I can gather from Bill possibly embellishing his wartime news exploits of the Falkland War (no, it’s not a Hobbit movie fight scene!).

That’s what a Mother Jones article is saying about Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly.  In it, the author points our inconsistencies in his stories and timeline regarding his involvement in covering the war.

But is this really anything to be shooting the Bullshit Flaregun® up into the sky about?  The man is the lead blowhard on a network that, unless there’s a squirrel water skiing, spins stories in incredulous ways and misleads it’s viewers into a comfortable angry-white-guy furor that can only be satiated by the tete of the double headed hydra of Rupert Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh.

Here’s the video Mother Jones put together about the story so you don’t to read (UUUUGHH!)..


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