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Is Trey Gowdy An Alien?

Is the gentleman from South Carolina actually the Snordblot from Planet Drexar-6?

"Well, John, my constituents really WANT a female tooth enrichment program"

“Well, John, my constituents really want a female tooth enrichment program”

The guy looks like he found a dead lesbian coop farmer’s body and smeared it onto his tentacled frame, slathered too much concealer on and ran for a seat in South Carolina in hopes of subverting the American political system so the beings from his home planet can attack our world and enslave our women for their teeth*

Seriously, do a google image search for ‘Trey Gowdy‘ and at the very least you’ll think he’s doubling for somebody on The Strain.

"ve shall pass a law zat makes blood yummier."

“ve shall pass a law zat makes blood yummier.”

*teeth powers their atmosphere regenerators.

4 comments on “Is Trey Gowdy An Alien?”

  1. Joe
    | Reply

    He is from another planet. Never seen an uglier dude. He needs to morph into a more normal looking human if he wants to survIve on this planet.

  2. Miranda
    | Reply

    Trey Gowdy is an alien that’s why hes so cute and so smart

  3. EpicB
    | Reply

    1. He’s 52, doesn’t even look 32 though
    2. That hair
    3. That focus and calm
    4. Rotten attitude
    5. Licks his lips very oddly
    6. Looks slippery and shiny (lol)

    u decide, and tell me when you’re done!

  4. The thing
    | Reply

    I don’t know. I would say an elven. He’s either a regular human who might just be another gadgeteer as usual on this planet ruling people and causing harm. If he’s an elven then he’s part of an ancient battle while hi,and are caught in the cross hairs. Elven vs Orc. Elves rescue humans especially the wormwood sort and I would say wormwood.

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