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New Jersey Senator In Least Sexy Corruption Scandal

New Jersey senator Bob Menendez is about to get a pounding from the Holder Hammerâ„¢!
Seems Bobby ‘Christmas Morning’ Menendez was taking gifts from a Democratic donor in exchange for advocating for stuff that benefits the donor’s interests.
And now the Attorney General’s office is moving forward on bringing him up on corruption charges.
The worst part is this isn’t even a sexy corruption. The guy greasing the senator’s palm was just looking for help in getting his ophthalmology practice a little help with Medicare charges [yawns].
How wholly disappointing. I mean, a New Jersey senator facing federal charges for corruption involves Mr. Magoo filling out his Medicare forms? Where’s the horse head in the bed? Bullet-riddled body at the tollbooth? At least a dumpster of bootlegged New Jersey Devils uniforms!
God, I miss The Sopranos.

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