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Obama Tweats A Misspelllinnng

This constitutes news these days….

@BarackObama tweet about education cuts includes grammatical error

Which means Fox News lead story will go something like this….

Hot, vacant blonde chick:

“Why does our President HATE the founding father’s creating of the english language?  Find out in 10 minutes.

But first: The Obama attack on grilled cheese sandwiches.  Hot mess? Or Fulfilling assault on gun rights? YOU be the judge tonight on Fox News!

*shuffles papers and looks all anchor’y*

“I’m gonna be prazident some day!” photo via

I consider myself a stickler for the english language and even I don’t know what the fuck word to use in that situation.  ‘Affects’ or ‘effects’? Which one is it?

I’m sure I could look in a book or something but I can’t click on it while scouring for nasty Asian porn so…whatever.

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