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Sarah Palin is Raising Money For Hilary Clinton

This time it was something stupid she was DOING and not something stupid she was SAYING.

Now that she’s done fighting people at Alaskan parties (“No. Atlantic Salmon is better than SOCKEYE, Ya gosh darned husky-humper!”) Sarah Palin is testing the Presidential waters.  In that, she’s testing fund-raising for Presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton.

While speaking at a Conservative get together in Iowa hosted by noted racist and general crazy-person, Steve King, Palin held up a car magnet for the Hillary Clinton super PAC, ‘Ready for Hillary.’

Seeing an opportunity, the PAC used the image to raise more than $25,000 in support of electing Hillary Clinton for President.

Sarah’s raised so much money that they’ve offered her a co-chair seat on one of their councils.

It should also be noted that her speech there was widely viewed by everyone (liberals and conservatives) as being long-winded and incoherent (“you gotta bend over for them to getcha!”) which is exactly what one expects from a brain-dead pair of tits who writes her speeches with refrigerator letter magnets.

And based on the reaction from the far right to her latest nit-witless mouth diarrhea I’m glad to see the Palin train might have finally run out of steam.

She probably calls ’em ‘choo-choos’ still, doesn’t she?


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