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Why Do You Support Splitting Up Families

I got some blowback on my morning radio show this morning.  When discussing the immigration policy of splitting up families and putting the kids of illegal immigrants into Foster homes, I said it was ‘morally vacuous’ to take children from their parents.

I continued with something along the lines of

‘if you want to deport someone, fine. Just don’t split them up from their kids. Ship ‘em ALL out of the country if you have to deport the one. At least then the family will be together and suffering through a third world existence.’

Soon after that, a guy called and said he thought we did a great job but to leave the politics alone.  He ended his call (and THEY always end the call because god forbid we have a discussion about tit) with ‘ If they’re illegal they shouldn’t be here. Why don’t you talk about all the families HERE being ripped apart! click

Wait, huh?

I was clear to point out in the on-air break that this is neither a Republican or Democrat thing but a human thing.

When did we become okay with destroying families? I understand their are people here illegally but step back from that and consider these people are coming to the best country in the United States for A BETTER LIFE!

If they violate the law and get caught, okay, I guess you gotta get rid of them but when did we go into the Home Destroying Business ® ?!

Imagine you’re kids being taken from you and placed in a stranger’s home or some facility? All because you were seeking a better life for you and your kids’ future.

Isn’t this the melting pot? Isn’t this the country that welcomed a flood of immigrants to Ellis Island at the turn of the century? (not this one but the older one!).

I don’t know why there’s vitriol towards these people to the point where we don’t care about destroying their families.

Is it because they’re mostly brown?

Chew on that a bit and think ( I mean REALLY think) about why you’re so mad at someone that you’re cool with their families being torn apart.

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